anlaesseSubsequent occasions amongst others had been basis of joint work with our clients:

  • Realisation that the familiar view complicates the identification of alternative routes
  • Ambition to cope successfully with change, growth or crisis
  • Desire position-fixing and analysis of potential
  • Aim of optimising the basics of business ratios
  • Need to develop business management tools
  • Requirement, to align processes and organisation with current necessities
  • Need to advance successfully the range of own responsibilities
  • Interest in unprejudiced feedback on own leadership and communication behaviour
  • Desire for personal advancement in the task
  • Intention of strengthening of teams in their orientation and collaboration
  • Need to resolve a prevailing conflict
  • Intention to reduce organisational and individual burnout risk
  • Requirement to implement defined topics, despite the scarcity of resources
  • Desire for an instrument for potential & competence development
  • ...